Melissa McCarthy Inspires Fans by Losing 75 Pounds

Melissa McCarthy is well-known for her SNL impersonation of White House press secretary, Sean Spicer.

mellisa mccarthy

The gifted comedienne is also attracting a new type of attention and providing inspiration for those who are overweight after losing a total of 75 lbs.

Unlike many celebrities who lose weight as a means to remain marketable, McCarthy had no such problems.

The star of “Ghost Busters” and “Gilmore Girls” has more than enough work to keep her busy, even after executives cancelled her popular sitcom “Mike and Molly” due to the celebrity’s weight loss.

The secret to her success was four-fold. She stopped dwelling on her weight; engaged in a low-carb, high-protein diet; had a regular exercise regimen; and utilized a garcinia cambogia supplement to curb appetite and increase her body’s fat burning processes.

The supplement helped her lose an amazing amount of weight in just seven days.

melissa mccarthy weight loss 2017McCarthy has indicated in multiple interviews that she lost the weight to set a good example for her young daughters and any future grandchildren she might have.

McCarthy had no success with diet plans in the past – they left her feeling hungry and hopeless.

The award-winning actress began her new weight loss journey by consulting with a nutritionist who introduced her to the potential of garcinia cambogia.

Just four weeks after she began using the supplement, Melissa McCarthy had lost 15 lbs. and attributes a significant portion of her weight loss success to garcinia cambogia.

She utilized the supplement throughout the duration of her diet and exercise program and continues to use it.

melissa mccarthy weight loss 2017

McCarthy’s weight loss is a source of inspiration to fans and she also shared the little known secrets she used that enhanced her weight reduction.

  • Get friendly with fiber – high-fiber foods trigger the metabolism to feel full longer, alleviate feelings of hunger, and are rich in essential vitamins and minerals
  • Monitor insulin levels – when insulin levels are low the body burns fat for energy
  • Get enough sleep – a restful slumber is essential for the body to rest and repair itself
  • Stay hydrated – a glass of lemon water helps assuage hunger, aids digestion, and assists in the body’s normal detoxification process
  • Green tea – the drink is effective for boosting metabolism for faster fat burning
  • Pick protein – half of daily calories should come from high-quality proteins
  • Snack smart – smoothies, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds are all desirable alternatives
  • Exercise – choose activities that are fun and alternate workouts to avoid boredom

Perhaps the most important factor in McCarthy’s weight loss was her mindset.

Melissa mccarthy before and after

Instead of stressing about what to avoid, she focused on the healthy and wholesome foods she could eat.