7 body form mistakes you make unconsciously

Making mistakes is inevitable. Whether we talk about the wrong choice of exercising style or simply refer to body form mistakes, the underlining fact is that mistakes are made by everyone.
Watching people at the gym do crazy things may seem like fun but imagine if you are one of them! Poor body form mistakes not only promote injuries to muscles but are also bad for your overall physique. While you will be expecting much from your workout, due to the bad body form mistakes, you will be far from the good results!

Hence, take a look below to know the correct way of exercising, whether at the gym, home or simply running at the park.

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Poor Posture on Machines: Cardio

Treadmills are the epitome of cardio machines and other cardio machines range from steppers, bikes, climbers, etc. A lot of people tend to lean forward when walking on the treadmill just to fight tiredness. Others do it out of habit.

Strengthening the back is not only important for our outer appearance but also for a fit body.
Keeping your back totally straight is imperative when on machines at the gym as a bad posture can hurt your spine, neck muscles and result in backaches, headaches and tightened shoulder muscles.

Abs Workouts

A lot of people believe they are working out perfectly until a trainer faces them at the gym. Some also realize they are doing the exercise in a wrong way when they don’t see results.
While abs exercises should help target the abs, we mostly tend to hurt our lower back or neck. Whenever you indulge in crunches or rock and roll abs, do not pressurize your neck. Instead, allow your abs to tighten up whenever you reach for the  toes. By helping contract your abs every time you go up, you will help tone them in a proper manner. Moreover, the people who take the support of their neck when getting off of the floor have bad shoulder aches later.

Traditional Squats with Press

Squats are a difficult exercise, there is no doubt about that. However, indulging in a hard exercise just because you want to look cool at the gym is not healthy.
Traditional squats are ideal for your lower body fitness but if done in a wrong way, the exercise can do serious damage to your leg muscles.
The common problem people make is when they squeeze their legs inwards whenever they squat. The knees have to face outwards, not inwards. The pressure should be felt in your legs and not in the knees.
Improve your squats by consciously noting your knee position every time.

Reverse Lunges with Dumbbells

Everyone hates lunges but no one can deny their effectiveness!
Common reverse lunge mistakes are when you don’t glue the front foot on the floor. By not keeping the foot straight on the floor, you will have less engagement of hamstrings and glutes of the legs. You will not only see less results but will also damage your leg muscles eventually.
Also, keeping the back straight is important.
To achieve perfection, do your lunges in front of a mirror and note your body form mistakes.


Jogging is the easiest way to exercise at the park and lose a few pounds but are you jogging right?
Many people do not know the relationship between the jogging speed and the contact of the feet on the ground. In order to jog properly, you need to know about your stride, the speed of jogging and the intensity of it all. Moreover, keeping the back straight is again very important when considering bad body form mistakes.

Box Jumps

Box jumps are simple, right? What could be so complicated about them? Well, guess what, a lot people tend to hop like kangaroos instead of jumping up and down on the boxes.
The ideal way to use the box for jumps is to jump up and place the whole foot on the box for support and not by letting the heel hang midair instead. Also, when jumping backwards to touch the ground, it is imperative to know that you should use your arms for a proper momentum.

Dumbbell Exercises

Most men tend to opt for dumbbells but they are unaware of the fact that they can actually hurt their muscles too. It is advised to take help from trainers when lifting dumbbells are concerned.
A bad arm posture or a wrong lower body position can play a vital role. For better body postures, always exercise in front of the mirror so that you can monitor yourself. Other than this, always take help from other pro bodybuilders at the gym.

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