Is Weight Loss really Possible?

Weight loss seems almost impossible dream that can never come true.

Now, read the above sentence without “the word -NEVER”.

Yes, without the word never, this is the theme of our today’s article. If you feel that shedding weight is impossible then think again because the true picture is another way around. Weight loss is not impossible, it is just what method you apply other than that losing weight is simply like taming a wild elephant.

Do remember that your approach does matter and when your approach is good, you are all set to lose this stubborn weight of yours.

Here is what you need to keep in mind when you are considering losing weight!

  1. Say-No to Crash Dieting:

Chronic dieting is simply a slow poison for your weight loss and it will never allow your body to lose weight.


Because human body tends to consume energy and there is a set number. The problem occurs when you consume less energy than the required amount, the body starts using that is stored.

Our nervous system utilizes only glucose as a source of energy. When a person observes fast, the human body starts to consume its storage of glycogen, normally; liver and muscles cells are the places where the body tends to store glycogen.

When the body is out of glycogen, then the body begins taking amino acids (protein) to form glucose.

Basically, Glycogen keeps water in your body intact, declining Glycogen or Protein implies the reduction in water weight and water weight is not as significant as fat weight.

To lose significant weight and on a good pace, one pound per week is an ideal weight loss and for that deficit, 3500 calories are more than enough per week but crash dieting simply disfigure the mechanism of your body and that is why if you are willing to lose weight and want to keep it at bay then go for the right and smart choice rather focusing on short cuts those have no long term results.

  1. When the metabolism gets slow?

The good metabolic rate has the crucial role to perform in your body and when these things happen to your body then the metabolic rate has the tendency to get slow.

  • Your body is designed to make survival possible not your model body, so when your mind gets these signals that you are not feeding yourself enough, it tends to redirect your body on starvation mode, and so you can survive longer. Hence, metabolism gets slow when you are on a crash diet.
  • When you have low muscles than normal, your metabolism gets slow.

Bottom Line: researchers indicate that one should pay more attention to habit changes rather focusing on unhealthy diet plans or unrealistic weight loss methods.

  1. Healthy Ways of Losing Weight:

Losing weight in a healthy way requires healthy and full of nutrition diet, sleep that should be of good quality and proper adequate exercise. Thus, Weight losing is another name of embracing the healthy way of life that has long-term benefits on your body, mind, and personality.

As per The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), People who can maintain losing 1 to 2 pounds per week are more likely to keep this weight off their bodies than those who do the otherwise.

Quick weight loss may sound attractive but it is just bound to bring unwanted results as well. One of the most horrible ones is malnutrition and others are insomnia, depression, weak bones or irritability and finally those extra pounds creep in with some more weight.

  1. Proper Nutrition:

Your body needs adequate nutrition when having healthy weight and most definitely, it needs well-balanced diet when you are on slim down journey, so your body can fully support your desire for weight loss.

  1. Workout:

The workout is good for your well-being. Weight loss or no weight loss, it (workout) should be part of your life and if it is not then you sure to face some complications that are not very desirable, from body functions to hormonal balance, workout and exercise are the lifeline of your body.

  • Sleep:

Every other blog or article simply add “sleep” for sure and there are multiple reasons as sleep is just another activity for the brain as human brain tends to even work when you are asleep. So, neglecting good amount of sleep can only result in imbalance chemicals of your body and for sure, it is a complete no-no.

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